What can Michele do for YOU?

What can Michele do…for you 


For sale – once (unless Limited Edition)

The pieces you see here are not mass-produced, they are one-of-a-kind creations. They are for sale, but when they are gone, they are gone. However, Michele can take any design you see here and make it uniquely yours with a few subtle changes, of shape, size, colour and material.


Made for you

Show Michele a particular dress, or top – or just about anything else – and she will create a piece uniquely made to match. Or share with her a range of your favourite outfits, and she will design a versatile piece you can wear with any of them.


Re-use. Re-cycle. Re-love.

You know that drawer full of broken broaches, orphaned earings and banged-up bangles – pieces you once loved but never wear anymore? Michele will take them apart and refashion them into striking new creations you’ll treasure all over again.  She can also simply repair damaged costume jewellery and make it like new again.


Michele makes house-calls*.

As well as designing something beautiful just for you, Michele is also happy to come to your home and offer advice on which your own jewellery goes best with the clothes in your wardrobe.


*Within the Greater Toronto Area