Who is Michele Maher?

You’re ready for the spotlight…


You strive to project a certain image.

For heads to turn when you walk into the room. When you speak. When you think they should turn.

You aim always to bring something more to the party…to the podium…to the presentation.

You don’t “network,” you make meaningful connections. And your handshake is as firm as your hug is warm.

You prefer to go your own way. To stand out. And lean in.

You choose everything you wear with care and attention.

Because fashions come and go, you invest in style. And in beauty that is made to last.

You own your look.

You…and, no one else.


You wear Michele Maher.


 Who is Michele Maher?

Creative. Confident. Comfortable in the public eye. Like her designs, Michele stands apart from the crowd. Passionate and sophisticated. Not afraid of the edge. She cares deeply about the woman who wears her jewellery.


Jewellery that stands out. Like you.

Michele Maher creations are one-of-a-kind pieces designed to be noticed. Wear Michele Maher and you’re making a purposeful statement. It says that you deserve to be here. That you’ve earned your place at the table. That the focus is on you for a reason. 


"Jewellery So Powerful, It Speaks Before You Do"