Despite the views of some people, you should not be going out of the house without your jewellery on……….. I know, so many of you are stuck and don’t know where to start when it comes to which jewellery goes with which oufit. Reality is, if you are in the business of selling yourself, you better make sure that you have the right jewellery on when you go out to see clients, and for sure when you are networking or at event where you will be speaking with potential clients! If you want to gain an edge over others in similar roles to you, this is how you can do it.

This is the first part in a series I will be sharing, and by the end you should have the basics down pat.

Necklace? To Do or not To Do?

Let’s start off by saying that the necklace and the neckline of your dress or top should not be competing with one another………. Rather they should complement, and in some rare cases, a necklace should not be worn, and you need to know this

Here’s a glossary of necklace lengths and names/descriptions:

Name Length (in) Length (cm)
Collar 12 to 13 30.5 to 35





14 to 16

17 to 19

20 to 24

28 to 34

Over 45

35.5 to 42

43 to 50

51 to 63

71 to 86

Over 114

There are many different styles of necklaces………… are some of them:

Pendant – a single item that is usually worn on a chain

Chain – can be worn by either man or woman

Graduated Strand – usually same bead that will increase in size gradually until reaching the focal point

Multiple Strand – more than one strand of beads, arranged in a symmetrical fashion, or even entwined to create interest

Chunky – oversized beads

Statement – Big & bold, designed to make a statement

Adjustable – uses special clasps to make it versatile and be worn both short or long

Now, what necklace to wear with what neckline??

If you neckline is ROUND , then anything goes, you can wear a long necklace if the neckline is high, and a short necklace or choker if the neckline is low! You really can’t go wrong

If you have a “V” neckline, then it becomes a little more difficult; either a pendant necklace or one where the beads will fall just below the V of the neckline; you should avoid a round necklace

If you have a HALTER neckline, then it becomes quite difficult to add a necklace, I would say to leave it bare and focus on earrings and bracelet instead

If you have a BOATNECK neckline, then you need to choose a Matinee (at least 20 inches) or even longer to balance your look

If you have a SCOOP neckline, then any length, just make sure to choose one that does not sit on the neckline

If you have a POLO neckline, then you can do either a bold, chunky shorter necklace or a long one full of small beads

If it’s a SQUARE neckline, then you need to wear a choker or even shorter round necklace

If a PLUNGING neckline, then just leave it alone, you don’t want to detract from the plunge

If a SWEETHEART neckline, then a pendant works best, although you could also do a chunky necklace

If a COWL neckline, then most likely best no necklace and focus on long earrings instead

If an EMBELLISHED neckline, then again go without as you already have enough going on there

If a STRAPLESS neckline, then a collar, choker or very short necklace works best; you do not want to take away from the dress

Now, just as a final thought, small details make a difference; you want to make sure that the necklace visual weight is in line with the fabric of the dress, you don’t want a heavy looking piece paired with a delicate fabric dress, just as you don’t want a busy necklace paired with a heavily patterned dress. Remember also that your necklace should suit both you and your outfit. A necklace when appropriately paired with the neckline and design of an outfit can go lengths to accentuate your personality and style, make you look and feel more confident and get you noticed!