Have you seen the Northern Lights? ....... and are they really ALL THAT?

Posted by Michele on 4th Feb 2018

Have you seen the Northern Lights? ....... and are they really ALL THAT?

So I created my Limited Edition bracelet for Valentines Day from my interest and obsession with the Northern Lights. I looked up pictures for these and I could not believe my eyes! Absolutely stunning and amazing, is it really like this? All the colours of the rainbow, just like the Aurora Borealis rhinestone crystal charm I chose for the bracelet?

I was so excited and pumped that I decided to talk to friends and family and find out who has seen the Northern Lights in person, and if so, what would they say about them? and about the experience? 

Here's what they had to say:

"I have seen them lots and chased them in vehicles more times then I can count"

do they really have the colours like this?

"They sure can..and they move and sway"

"This is 20 mins from my house in central AB"

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"Yes I see them every summer and they are beautiful to watch. Sometimes we will grab a drink and just sit outside & watch them. What makes them so beautiful to me is we usually catch them when they are dancing (moving fast, we call it dancing) ........... When you relax & watch them it is like your in total peace of mind & in your own relaxing world"

"They were incredible and vibrant"

"From Winnipeg it looks like the sky is on fire...Orange, yellow, blue, green and white... and they flicker and dance in the sky like flames at time and they colors constantly move and change and get brighter and dimmer. It's truly mesmerizing..truly."

"I can still see it clearly in my mind. Mesmerizing it is exactly"

"Saw them growing up in northern Sweden. Gorgeous bands of moving colours, blue, pink, green and purple. Magical really"

"It feels like the sky is dancing;-)

"The energy is incredible"

"it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!""I've only ever seen them once in Nova Scotia (45 years ago) & lots when I lived in Alberta between 1987 & 2000. I lived in the Peace country for 5 years and could even hear them crackle on occasion. They can be quite spectacular!"

"I have seen and heard them singing and crackling. Most beautiful display on earth"


"AMAZING! Surreal, just mouth dropping amazing. Must see before you die"

"The Northern lights are beautiful. But I only saw the “sky peel” twice. Beyond words"

"They were a celery green in colour and they moved as though an artist was sweeping a paintbrush with celery green coloured paint in many directions across the entire sky."

"They literally dance. When I was young and my family would go to the lake. We always got to bring friends with us, anyway this one night when they were brothers friend started telling us that if you whistled at the Northern Lights, it would steal your vocal chords....just a imaginative child's story"

"They’re amazing!"

WOW! I guess I would have to say from the feedback I got, then yes! THEY REALLY ARE ALL THAT!

Now this is what I wanted my Limited Edition bracelet "The Light of the Aurora Borealis" to encapsulate, and capture the energy, feeling and wondrous colours of the rainbow in the night sky. After reading all the comments I received suffice it to say I was successful. 

As always, let me know your thoughts and feel free to spread the word!