So how is your January going so far?

Posted by Michele on 23rd Jan 2018

So how is your January going so far?

Welcome to Monday! A new week full of opportunities!

So how is your January going so far? .... It is already January 22nd. Doesn't it seem like yesterday that you sat down and wrote out those New Years resolutions and goals for 2018? Or didn't you bother? I was happy to welcome in a New Year, and I did not write out any resolutions, nor have I actually written out goals, at least not yet......

I just finished sorting out my old Happy Planner from last year, and now have my new one ready to go for 2018, I know I am never early on anything, but I did get it done and it's waiting to get those goals in it!

What are your thoughts on having your goals written down? So many say that is the only way they will get accomplished, you need to see it written so that you can visualize it, etc. I am planning to sit down and write out my goals, so that I have a clear direction where I am going for 2018. I just needed a couple of weeks to get back into a routine before I actually sat down to do so. I do believe that you need goals, otherwise you will just go around in circles and the chance of overwhelm is that much greater.

Once you do have your goals set and written down, then the whole process of reviewing them on a regular basis comes into play. I recommend that you partner up with an accountability buddy, and meet to discuss each month, it doesn't have to be in person, can be over the phone, or not sure if you are using Zoom, but it is a fabulous way to connect with people via computer, that way you can see them too, and it almost feels like you are in the same room. 

What are some of your favourite tools with respect to goal setting? I'd love to hear as I go through the process this week.

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Have a great week!