So Today is apparently Blue Monday and I have 5 Ways to Combat it!

Posted by Michele on 15th Jan 2018

So Today is apparently Blue Monday and I have 5 Ways to Combat it!

So I saw on CP24 this morning that today is Blue Monday. When did they coin that phrase? and why are they promoting it? By coming up with something like that they are just promoting the idea of feeling sad. I know i don't want to feel Blue. It is hard enough this winter with all the cold weather we have been having. I can say I sure enjoyed last Thursday when the temperature got up to 12 degrees and the smell of Spring was in the air. If you go out today you will see that the bitter cold is still with us. 

So what are 5 Things You Can Do to Combat Blue Monday?

  • Get Outside, even for a short time, breathe in the fresh air, take a moment to be present and just appreciate nature and all its magnificence
  • Move Your Body, dance like nobody is watching, put on the tunes and crank it up! again, even if it's only one song that is enough to get the blood flowing
  • Show Gratitude, write down 10 things you are grateful for right now, and let love and gratitude flow through your body, and if you really want to get into it, you can write thank you notes to your loved ones 
  • Call a Friend, just to say hi if anything, and to catch up. Talking to others is always a way to lift your spirit, and with how busy everyone finds themselves these days, they will appreciate you taking the time out of your day
  • Watch a Feel Good Movie, now this is a real no-brainer, guaranteed to make you feel better and appreciate life after that!

I really hope these 5 ideas help you to feel better today!  

Well I am not listening to the news telling me that I need to feel sad today. I am excited to go to pick up a new light box so that I will be able to take stellar pictures of my jewellery, then I am off to the FemCity monthly luncheon to celebrate the New Year with wonderful and amazing women! Oh if you are curious and not familiar with FemCity then check them out today and see about coming out to the next event to find out more! Here's the link for FemCity Toronto run by the amazing Lynn Peltzer!

FEMCity Toronto

of course I did forget the Best Tip of all.......Buy Yourself some New Jewellery! , now that always works to cheer you up, doesn't it? 

Yours in Love and Gratitude,