Balance Your 7 Chakras Healing Bracelet

Posted by Michele Maher on 16th Oct 2016

The "Balance your 7 Chakras" Healing Bracelet new from Michele Maher designsI've only recently realized the power and healing energy of semi-precious stones, and I have been researching to see how I c … read more
So What's The Big Deal About Quartz

So What's The Big Deal About Quartz

Posted by Michele Maher on 9th Aug 2016

Quartz, a hard durable mineral, produces fine gemstones in an extensive range of colours. Here are some examples and the related healing properties of each:Citrine - ranges yellow through orange, asso … read more
Why bother with jewellery?

Why bother with jewellery?

Posted by Michele Maher on 6th Feb 2016

Why bother with jewellery?You either are a jewellery person or you are not; you either love the bling or you couldn’t be bothered with it.Does that sound familiar? Have you said or heard something lik … read more

Go back to the colour wheel!

Posted by Michele Maher on 21st Jan 2015

If you are wearing black or white or neutral, no worries on what to match with it, but if you have a bold, colourful outfit then……….Go back to the basics of the color wheel. The three primary colour … read more