Layering necklaces can be one of the hardest skills to master, here are some tips to help you achieve that Power Statement look:

Tip 1: Pair delicate shorter necklaces with slightly chunkier necklaces to achieve balance

Tip 2: Pair an oversized statement necklace with a long chain to elevate your look

Tip 3: Layer several chunky necklaces together to create a collar effect

Tip 4: Use a zodiac or letter pendant on chains to personalize your collection

Tip 5: Although gold is always in style pairing a silver necklace with it can be unique

Tip 6: For the adventurous try pairing some gold coins and charms with beaded and gemstone necklaces

Tip 7: Pair several Lariat necklaces to add instant length in a fun, casual way

Tip 8: Looking for the minimalist look, try layering simple chains of various lengths - no pendants, charms allowed

Tip 9: Use coloured gemstones in a stacked tiered effect to stand out

Layering necklaces is an excellent way to enhance any outfit. Necklaces come in a variety of lengths, from short chokers and collar necklaces to long opera and rope necklaces. Finding something to suit every style is easy.

A layered look can be achieved in several different ways; thin necklaces and pendants keep the look simple; to make a power statement, combine large chunky necklaces of similar colours, textures and shapes. Be sure to choose colours, textures, shapes and sizes that complement one another.