I find quizzes somewhat intriguing. So when a friend was over with the latest edition of the Star I came across this 7 question quiz. I took the challenge and the result was a 4-3 split with B having the advantage.

Just for fun – try it – and see what it reveals about you.

I would welcome feedback as to whether you feel the results are accurate or not.

Excerpt from May 4 2015 Star Magazine

What your jewellery says about you:

1) Would you wear more than one earring in each ear?

(a) Possibly

(b) Sure

2) Bead colours that attract you are:

(a) Amber and Neutral tones

(b) Turquoise and other bright colours

3) Do you ever wear spiritual or religious jewellery?

(a) I might on a holiday, like Easter or Christmas

(b) always

4) A favourite neck chain is:

(a) Sturdy, handcrafted, as if from another era

(b) I love them all

5) A stone you associate with good luck?

(a) Clear crystal

(b) My birthstone

6) What kind of wristwatch would you treasure more?

(a) A family heirloom

(b) A luxe one, like a Rolex

7) What’s your ideal wedding band?

(a) A simple band of gold

(b) A unique piece I helped design

If you answered mostly A:

You admire antique and vintage looks because you have a nostalgic personality. You wear just enough jewellery to complement an outfit, and you’re very particular about silver or gold pieces. All jewellery comes off at night, so you feel comfortable and can store it neatly away.

If you answered mostly B:

You don’t settle for second best when it comes to finding the right piece of jewellery for you. Accessories make you feel good and you also enjoy giving the gift of fine jewellery to loved ones. It’s your way of showing your appreciation to those who admire your superior taste. It’s always your time to shine!