Rainbow Quartz necklace set

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0.03 LBS

Product Overview

Necklace set made with Rainbow Quartz, Crystals and Pearls; Necklace measures 20 inches in length, earrings have a 2.5 inch drop

Some of the Healing Properties of Rainbow Quartz:

  1. Finance & Prosperity: Rainbow quartz is a wish stone.
  2. Health & Healing: Rainbow quartz is a stone of transformation doing whatever is necessary to help.
  3. Home: It will help revitalize any situation and help you to forgive the failings of others.
  4. Love: Rainbow quartz is a wish stone.
  5. Psychic: Rainbow quartz is good for channeling angels and spirit guides, or any light beings.
  6. Ritual: Use with any rainbow Goddess rituals.
  7. Work: It will help ease any disappointment.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review