Time to Revisit your Jewellery Drawer!

School's Back in Session, and it's Time to Revisit your Jewellery Drawer!

I had a look at some of the Fall Trends for 2016 and picked out the ones I really resonate with, and here are the related Michele Maher designs interepretations:

  1. Plates - http://www.michelemaherdesigns.com/art-deco-style-necklace-set/
  2. Coins http://www.michelemaherdesigns.com/cleopatra-style-bronze-and-peach-crystal-drop-earrings/
  3. Tassels - http://www.michelemaherdesigns.com/natural-coloured-semi-precious-stone-and-gold-purse-clip/
  4. XXL Necklaces - http://www.michelemaherdesigns.com/blue-crystal-cluster-with-pearls-necklace-set/
  5. Modern Minimalist Earrings - http://www.michelemaherdesigns.com/modern-mesh-loop-earrings/
  6. Chains - http://www.michelemaherdesigns.com/multi-colours-and-styles-mixed-chain-necklace/

Let's have a conversation today and discuss your fall wardrobe and our interpretations of the current trends to come up with custom Jewellery designs that will represent the True You!

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