It's Time for a Party!! And a Free Gift!!

Posted by Michele Maher on 3rd Feb 2017

Wow! January sure flew by didn't it? We are into February now, the Month of Love! Why not spread your Love by inviting some friends over to catch up, learn some styling tricks, try on fabulous one of … read more

Balance Your 7 Chakras Healing Bracelet

Posted by Michele Maher on 16th Oct 2016

The "Balance your 7 Chakras" Healing Bracelet new from Michele Maher designsI've only recently realized the power and healing energy of semi-precious stones, and I have been researching to see how I c … read more
Be Your Authentic Self!

Be Your Authentic Self!

Posted by Michele Maher on 4th Oct 2016

Have you heard that? Yes, Authenticity is huge these days, no more hiding, it’s time to show the world who you really are!That means expressing your own unique personality, individuality and sheer con … read more

What I Have Learned.......

Posted by Michele Maher on 25th Sep 2016

I just spent 3 intense days at Colin Sprake of Make Your Mark Training’s Business Mastery Course and WOW, did it really make me think. I was totally out of my comfort zone so many times over the 3 day … read more