Why bother with jewellery?

Posted by Michele Maher on 6th Feb 2016

Why bother with jewellery?

Why bother with jewellery?

You either are a jewellery person or you are not; you either love the bling or you couldn’t be bothered with it.

Does that sound familiar? Have you said or heard something like that before?

Well, yes, you probably have……………I know that is the typical response I will get from people, oh, I am not a jewellery person, your stuff is lovely, but………..I couldn’t wear something like that…..and so on

Well let me tell you YOU CAN!

1) There is no such thing as a “jewellery person” ; maybe you just have not found the jewellery that expresses your uniqueness and personality to the point where you feel so comfortable wearing it that it becomes you, and you will then be lost if you cannot find it when you are getting ready at 5:00 am to go out to a function for the day

2) Jewellery will give your outfit the finishing touch, like the icing on the cake; now who likes to eat a cake with no icing?

3) When you are wearing jewellery that matches your image/age/statement you want to make, then you look and feel better, and it make you feel more confident; you will then project a more confident image

4) If you are a speaker on stage, or even if you are only speaking to one person, people will remember you by your jewellery; especially if you are on stage, then you need jewellery that is big and bold, that can be seen from the audience, and it will also provide a focal point for the audience to keep an eye on the speaker

5) What you don’t want to do when you are speaking is wear a thin gold chain, nothing wrong with it, when on stage it won’t even show up and you will not be making a statement, nor will the audience have anything to remember you by; and as a speaker you want to stand out and get noticed, you don’t want to hide, you want to be memorable!

6) When you feel so comfortable and know that you look good and your presence makes a statement, you will exude such confidence that people will be drawn to you, and will want to talk to you, the ultimate effect of this is that it will improve your networking and lead to more potential clients, and in the end, more money

7) Jewellery is just an extension of yourself; a way to showcase your personality, and your brand and image, it’s just a matter of finding the right jewellery for you

Let me show you some examples……………..

This is the perfect compliment for the business professional, elegant and classy

This is what you want to wear when you are Speaking on Stage. It will provide a focus for the people in the audience, and as well your jewellery will be remembered, hence so will you!

This is perfect for that Networking event! Will definitely be a conversation starter, and you will turn heads as you sparkle and shine!

and if you feel more comfortable with something a little more about understated elegance!